Dana Spiotta’s “Stone Arabia”

Report in progress:

  • 1st night’s reading derailed by the pages and pages of italicized stuff.
  • next day, things got a little better, typeset and story-wise, but noticed the narrator overstates most everything, thereby narrowing any chance for the reader to think independently.
  • wondered if the timing wasn’t right to read this book, moody reader thing.
  • the overstating, which I thought might just be a temporary style to induce a breathlessly excited tone for mundane events (full, deep cups of coffee?), doesn’t stop and keeps going and going and going…
  • Skimmed far ahead and read the same thing I read earlier, repeated a different way.  The content’s padded? Maybe there’s a reason but maybe not.

(to be continued after some eyedrops, a beer and two Advils)

  • Back.  Tried again, but… obviously a major conflict in style appreciation. Sorry. I will try to simplify it in five words instead of five hundred: I can’t read this novel.