Month: August 2017

About WPM

mug-wpm2021I’m Bill Moore and I grew up in Norfolk, Virginia where I went to Granby High School. I attended University of Richmond for two years then transferred to University of South Carolina where I graduated with a BA in English Literature. I’ve taken fiction & writing courses at Rice, UNC, and by distance learning from the U. Iowa Workshop.

For over 35 years I worked as a salaried technical writer and instructional media designer for various corporations in NC, TX, and FL.

Under the name William P. Moore, I’ve written several books (Amazon author page). Three are novels. My writing has appeared in print and online in various literary journals. I’m on LinkedIn and have a few blogs old and new scattered around out there, like “Strange Room” on blogspot. Back in 2003-2009 I built and was editor of an online literary zine called 3711Atlantic.

reach me at:  wpmfla at gmail



Homage to Sam Shepard

I recall going to Houston’s Alley Theatre in the early 1980s to see their production of “True West,” a Sam Shepard play.  There was free champagne served before the show in the foyer. The slinky girl who I took to the show liked that part.

The low rectangular stage was surrounded by ascending rows of seats. Between acts, the room went pitch dark while the crew changed the set. The slinky girl let loose a small coyote howl, and I firmly elbowed her in the ribs.

The story was about sibling rivalry in suburbia. The bad boy son was perpetrating some neighborhood robberies. He stole everyone’s toaster, it seems.

During one set change in the dark, a dozen or more toasters were fired up. In the audience we could smell toast cooking before the lights came up and action resumed.

The brothers fought and things came to a climax. That’s about all I remember.  I liked the uniqueness of the play and admire its author for his many talents and the free-spirited way he lived.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 5.35.10 PM

Sam Shepard 1943-2017