Month: January 2012


2-wpm 3-25-17

in my Florida office, 2017

I’m Bill Moore and I grew up in Norfolk, Virginia. Studied for two years at University of Richmond then moved to Columbia, SC and received a BA in English Literature at University of South Carolina. Later, I studied contemporary fiction at Rice, and completed an Advanced Short Story course through extension from the University of Iowa Workshop.

My first job was a writer-producer of training films in Charlotte, NC. Moved on to global energy corporations in Houston as a technical writer; next to Florida as an instructional designer with FlightSafety International then as Technical Information Analyst at AT&T.

I’ve indie-published eight books and am working on novel number three. Founded and was contributing editor of an online literary journal named 3711Atlantic which ran from 2002 to 2008. My writing has appeared in print and online in various literary journals, often under my full name William Pelot Moore.

I live in South Florida. I’m on LinkedIn and G+, but not Facebook.

You can send me email at: